My first event since the Europeans.  My favourite game, I was really looking forward to playing in the new Academy in Stoke Mandeville.  I have great memories there (my first World Title) and I was looking forward to trying to create new memories.  The Academy is incredible but the weekend was the hottest most humid conditions I ever played in anywhere in the World, I really struggled!!!!

Me v Gary Swift 7-4 win.  Tough opponent, I didn’t  play well, he missed a couple of shots (one in particular) which was the important one and I took advantage, I was happy to get this one out of the way.

Me v Phil Hendrickson 7-4 win.  Phil is a steady player and I knew I would need to play well to win, again I was steady if not spectacular but won the match.  From about half way through this match the heat became unbearable!

Quarter Final Me v Daniel Lee 7-4 win.  Daniel is only after taking up the sport from a chair and I couldn’t shake him off, he played really well.  I think I held it together well when I couldn’t take charge the way I honestly expected to do and really like the other matches managed to get over the line.

Semi Final Me v Aslam Abubaker 7-6 win.  An important match if I was to have any chance of getting the number 1 spot at the end of the season.  The match went back and forth and I never really took charge or believed I could take it, in the decider I had a combo and I decide do or die and it went in, probably not the correct shot nut it worked!!!

Final: Me v Dave Beaumont 7-4 win.  Dave played in his first American Pool event, he is world champion in 8 Ball (pub pool) he has an amazing cue action.  Did nothing wrong until 4-4, he scratched on the 9 when he should have avoided it, that turned the match and I managed to win the title.  Delighted to win the title not playing at my best! :-)