The last BWPPA event and 3 players could finish in top spot.  My first match was against Nicky Oliver a great guy, I have so much respect for the way he plays considering his disability.  On this occasion I managed to win 7-0 but he probably should have won 2 racks.

Me v Tony Southern 7-1 win.  This was an important match as Tony was also in the position that he could finish number 1, I played very well, he played terrible so these to factors meant this result.

Me v Roy Kimberley 7-5 loss.  Roy played great… I had a chance to level it and didn’t take it so the better player won this match.  I now had work to do!

Me v Danny Luton 7-3 win.  I controlled the match well, should have won 7-1 but missed a simple 9 Ball just lack of concentration, this gave him a bit of encouragement but I managed to finish it off.

Semi Final: Me v Aslam Abubaker 7-1 win.  Delighted with this result I played practically the perfect match he had no chance and it was even more important to do it under pressure as the winner of the match was guaranteed the number 1 spot and the Predator Cue.  I am the only player from outside GB to finish number 1 in the BWPPA rankings which was a huge target and a great honour.

Final: Me v Roy Kimberley 7-3 win.  Delighted!! 3 wins in a row in BWPPA is not an easy thing to do with their standard of players.  I was 3-1 down, as I had won the number 1 spot my concentration wasn’t good, but I got it right and took control Roy then missed a couple of balls and I took advantage.  Thanks to Roy Tony and Al for all the work they do with BWPPA its a great association and tour.  Sorry I managed to take the top spot