I always enjoy going to Barnsley and seeing George and Darren (when he’s home) and Tricia comes with me.  I also had a realistic shot at the number 1 spot now after winning in Stoke Mandeville.

Me v Craig Welsh. 7-2 win.  Fairly straightforward.  Got ahead early took control and never really let Craig settle.

Me v Roy Kimberley 7-5 win.  A very good win, Roy started to play the way he can and went 5-3 ahead, he missed a decent chance to increase the lead I pinched the rack and that seemed to change the match I finished it for a good victory.

Me v Danny Luton 7-2 win.  As always with Danny I must control the match and bully him to make sure the match is played the way I want because he is brilliant at what he does and if he controls the match there is only one winner –  him! But I did the match the way I wanted and in the ed had quite an easy and quick win.

Semi Final Me v Tony Southern 7-6 win.  One that thankfully got away from Tony it ws tight for most of the match I made a mistake and he got ahead, I think he led 6-4 or 6-5 and probably should have finished the match but he missed, I levelled and had a good finish in the decider.  This loss didn’t change much in terms of the race for the number 1 spot but it did give me a realistic shot at it and changed it from a 2 horse race to a 3 horse race, which was to be ultimately very important.

Final Me v Aslam Abubaker 7-6 win.  First half of the match I played great, missed nothing and didn’t give him a chance.  I was 6-2 ahead cleared to the 8 ball, but I played a bad shot 7 to 8 and landed the wrong side and made a stupid decision instead of leaving a mid range 9 I tried to force the white around the table but missed the 8 which was totally stupid.  He got back to 6-6 everything went right for him and wrong for me.  In the decider he made an early mistake and I decided to go for the clearance, 2 great shots and a difficult 9 (I learned from earlier) I was really pleased to win after a great comeback.  Two in a row, this was starting to look good!