As part of my European Championships preparation I travelled to Birmingham to get match practice agaist the top British Players

First Round:  Beat Karl Read 6 – 3 -  I was delighted to be drawn against Karl in this event, as I have a bad record against him, this was one of the reasons for going to this event in the hope of playing him.  I was lucky to win the first rack and then missed a 9Ball in the second.  We then shard the next couple of racks but then I took charge and eventyally won 6-3, this was an important win for me for future I feel.

Second Round: Beat Tony Southern 6 – 3.  I got off to a slow start and fell 2 -0 behind, but suddenly got a bit of luck and then played really well from then and won quite easilly.

Then I had to wait for the losers rounds to be played to see who I played in the Semi Final.  It was Tony Southern again who made it through and came out of the random draw.  I would have preferred if it was another player as it would have been more practice against another opponent but I played ok again and secured another 6 -3 win.

Final: Beat Danny Luton 7 -2:  I played great in this match and he really didnt get a chance and I hardly missed a pot.  And came out an easy 7 -2 winner.  Ok it is only a small event but it was certainly a good ides ato travel over and it was very nice to secure another International win.  My first with my new Predator Cue, pretty good as it was my first event using it!  I think they but some of this match on You Tube by the way.

There was a Sunday Event also, and I felt good about doing the double but unfortunately I didnt prepare right and lost 7 -4 to Matt Duffy, I am annoyed about this as although Matt played extremely well, I missed chance after chance.

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