I recently played in this event and it was an extremely successful weekend. (Read more)

The tournament had a very strange format that actually worked really well.  Every match consisted of both 8 and 9 Ball racks.


02 – 10 – 2009 10:00 Danube Cup Slovakia -  Group Matches
02 – 10 – 2009 10:00 Dinsmore -  Kimberley           2 – 5
02 – 10 – 2009 11:00 Dinsmore – Duris           5 – 0
02 – 10 – 2009 12:45 Dinsmore – Skabia           5 – 0
02 – 10 – 2009 15:00 Dinsmore – De Klerck           5 – 2
202 – 10 – 2009 18:15 Dinsmore – Hudec           5 – 0
03 – 10 – 2009 10:00 Dinsmore -  Schranz 7 – 2    Quarter Final
04 – 10 – 2009 12:30 Deklerck – Volkmer 7 – 3     Semi Final
04 – 10 – 2009 14:30 Dinsmore – De Klerck 7 – 4         Final
I lost my first group match against Roy Kimberley from Great Britain in a good match, I played what I thought was a very good Snooker only for him to jump and pot the 8 with good position on the 9, certainly the best shot I have ever lost a match to.  I recovered and did enough to qualify second in my group.  Overall I played well in the group stage.
The Quarter Final was against Emil Schranz from Austria who I beat in the final of this event last year, he can be dangerous but I felt I could win comfortably.  I got ahead early which was 8 Ball, this was important as I knew I could win the 9 Ball part of the match, this is how it worked out, it was was quite an easy win and I played well throughout.
The Semi Final was against Tai Volkmer from Germany, the same game plan was needed as these guys play more 8Ball than me and are tactically better, but I got ahead and was never in trouble although to be honest I was very lucky in the last rack.
The final was against Kurt DeKlerck from Belgium.  I knew this would be a tough match and the plan was to share the first 4 racks which were 8 ball, I felt I needed this as Kurt is a better 8Ball player, I was very unlucky in the first rack going around the table I finished just short from last ball to 8 ball, Kurt's last ball was over the pocket, I tried to cut the 8 all the way up to the top pocket at the same time keeping the white where he couldnt pot his last ball, but it didnt work, he won it but it was the right shot as going for a Snooker would have been very delicate and by no means guaranteed so I prefer to go down attacking.  Again I was a bit unlucky in the next rack but he played well.  I was 3-1 down going into 9Ball, I was reasonably happy with this as 4-0 would have been very difficult.  I was very relaxed and played to a very high standard from then, I made very few errors and came out an easy winner, although I am a bit unhappy I missed a difficult match 9Ball in the rack before I eventually won the Title.
It was very nice to successfully defend an important International title.  I would very much like to thank my Girlfriend Tricia for coming with me again and for her support, it cant be a very exciting weekend for her watching me play. thanks Babe x.