I was under a bit of pressure, having won the previous two years I was wanted the hat-trick.

There is something about this event I just love.

Me v Gattinger (Germany) 7-0. I played ok but he missed a few chances but it was a good start.

Me v Hudek (Slovakia) 7-0.  Played better a bit more consistent but missed a couple of balls.

I then played another Slovakian player won 7-1 but dropped a stupid rack which I was very annoyed about as I wanted to get through the group without dropping a rack.

Me v Benko (Slovakian number 1) 7-0.  Lost focus after previous match but another easy win.

Semi Final Me v Jo Schuler (Germany) 7-1. Played well didnt miss much and won easily, wasnt tested at all.

Final Me v Kurt deKlerck (Belgium) 7-6.  I was coasting and it should have been a confortable victory but I again lost focus a little and Kurt came back at me.  A 6-6  he left a difficult 7 ball when I was chinese snookered the length of table. I did the things I worked on with Denis and potted it and had again a difficult long 8 ball potted that and finished ok on the 9.  Kurt came to the table to look at it but chose not to concede (Im gonna give him the benefit of the doubt that he didnt do it intentionally) but it did distract me but again thanks to Denis I composed myself and potted it for a great victory. Thanks again to Tricia for her support over there, A great win!