European Championships Germany

The highlght of the year but a very stressful build up thanks to one idiot!!!! (read more)

8Ball.  Saturday 26/3/11.  15.45.  Me V Karamatic (Croatia) 5-1 win.

Easy win but couldnt settle, couple of nice shots and a decent finish in last rack but not a great performance.


Sunday 27/3/11 Me v Tahti (Finland 15.45pm 5-1 loss.

Played much better than last match missed two shots and tactically outclassed!!!!

Sunday 27/3/11 Me v Volkmer (Germany) 4pm. 5-1 win.

Played well, didnt miss much and reacted well to very unlucky first rack.

Sunday 27/3 Me v Duffy (GB) 21.30pm 5-1 win (I think? didnt note score)???

Played really well, break and run in first rack and he did same in second.  Struggled a bit in mid part of match missed one long shot but finished well.

Monday 28/3 Me v deKlerck (Belgium) 5-2 loss.

Disappointing.  MIssed long but easy shot in first rack, then never really settled but also got couple of bad rolls and a scratch then finished me in a rack that would have made match close. Bad result, bad performance and a bad show from Team (will talk about that later).  But a medal in my weakest event.


9 Ball

Tuesday 29/3/11 10.30am Me v deKlerck (Belgium)  Won 7-4

Sick since morning, came back ok but didnt play well.

Tuesday 29/3/11.  Me v Kimberley (GB) Won 7-6

I was 6-1 up and coasting, lost concentration a little at 6-3, potted match ball and scratched off 3 rails!, really unlucky!!!!  He started playing well then but I made excellent finish under pressure, great 8 ball.  Good win.

Wednesday 30/3/11 13.45. Me v Gattinger (Germany) (First round 10 Ball)

Played well. I was 2-2 and did nothing wrong, then I controlled the match brilliantly from then, finished him off very well.  Excellent considering still unwell.

Wednesday 30/3/11 Me v Southern (GB) 17.15pm (10Ball).

Played really well.  Got good start and then sort of bullied him into submission.  Only remember missing one pot.  Great performance considering tough build up.

Thursday 31/3/11 10am Me v Tahti (Finland) Quarter Final 9 Ball.

Bad start, he tied me in knots, Snookers, safety and reducing me to less than half chances.  Got back in match really well, had great chance for 6-5 but probably should have hit it with more conviction instead of concentrating holding for next ball.  Battled well, not a bad performance overall.  (sick again today)

Friday 1/4/11 11.30am 10ball quarter final. Me v Abubaker (GB) 5-4 loss.

First really bad match all event, bad decisions and bad play.  Felt incredibly weak and unwell, battled really well considering everything and because so sick probably tried finish it too quick with combinations, bad decisions but in fairness made for correct reasons..  Third day very unwell today!

Saturday 2/4/11 10Ball Semi Final Qualifier. Me v Kimberley (GB) 5-2 loss.

Another bad  loss.  Missed two chances for 3-3 then simple ball for 4-3 down, nothing left in reserves, just feeling too weak after illness for last 4 days couldnt really eat or drink anything since Wednesday.

So that was it, a horrible event that was badly organised by IPBA and the atmosphere was awful, with everything that could have been messed up by David Poole messing everything up!!!!! Sooner the better IPBA is rid of him and can progress from there.  A good example of how shambolic it was is nobody came to my semi final match when all other players had their team mates there – atrocious!!!!! Paddy McLoughlin in fairness did come to presentation which I really appreciated.  Paddy also gave the performance of the event finishing 9th in 10 Ball, a great performance.  I was really pleased to go home this time and IPBA must do better in future.  However I did great under incredibly difficult and stressfull cicumstances before and during the event to get Team Ireland’s only medal and IPBA’s first ever medal, I just wish it was a bit more appreciated!