European Championships, Zagreb 2010

Sorry for the delay in posting about the Europeans, I kept putting off doing it and nw I cant find/remember my matches!!!

10 Ball.

I played well throughout and got Bronze Medal I lost to the winner Jouni Tahti (Finland) he played I think the best match I have ever seen in the Wheelchair division.

8 Ball.

Bad timing I was sick on the day and lost both matches, disappointing but not the end of the World as it is my weakest event,  My friend Kurt DeKlerck (Belgium) won this event (although it did have a controversial ending)!!!!!

 9 Ball.

My main event.  I was playing very badly but getting through, something happened my tip, a hole developed in the middle of it throughout the week and consistent advice from Ralf among others was to change it which I didnt want to do as I had tip trouble in the European 9Ball last year  too,  After I played Israel Rider (Spain) a match I won but I played so badly I decided to change my tip, Jouni put a new one on for me but I made a poor choice in deciding to change to a new type of tip which played totally different (I am getting to like it now though) I played Matej Brajkovic (Slovenia) in the Quarter Final and started really well, missed a simple chance for 4-1 and I completely went into meltdown from there, a very annoying end.  I have now started working with Denis Cohen a Sports Psychologist who I am hoping, together we will be able to improve in this area

So that was it another Bronze Medal, a slightly annoying result for all the work i put in to preparing for this event.  I say it every year. but when will my NGB, IWA Sport wake up and force the ISC to invest in helping me keep up with the other top players, the lack of support is and making my NGB an international laughing stock and this shouldnt be the case, but only  IWA  Sport can change this, I hope they do!!!!!