Irish Championships (Able Bodied) August 2010

Last Saturday I played in the Able Bodied Irish Championships in Cork

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I played really well in my first match beating one of the top players in Ireland, Paul Tierney 10-3, the things I have been working on with Denis worked really well and it was a great win.  I won my next matches easily also. In the Semi Final I came up against Ronnie Boyle from the North a teriffic International player.  I started really well and continued where I left off in the previous matches and went 5-2 ahead.  I then lost focus for some reason which I am really annoyed about and Ronnie got back in the match (with a bit of luck it must be said)!!! – sorry Ronnie!!! :-) .  I got a kick on an 8 ball and also stupidly stretched too far on another 8ball.  He eventually won 11-9 he potted the 9 off the break in the last rack which there was nothing I could do about that.  Overall an excellent result and proves again that I can compete very well with the top Irish Able Bodied players, I hope I can win one of their big events in the future but this event was won again deservedly by Paddy McLaughlin, well done again Paddy.