I see to enjoy Slovakia, Ive never lost an event in the Country, I wonder when will they host a World or European Championships??? :-)

Its 8 Ball, my weakest event, but good timing as it was the start of a crazy period with the World Blackball Championships a few days later it was good to get familiar with 8 ball tactics even if on a different table.

My first group match was v Martin Jasenovic (Slovakia) 4-0 win.  I didn’t really give him much to go for and it was an easy win.

Me v Miroslav Benko 4-0 win. Pretty much the same as the first match I won easily, same situation.  Only slight decision, my Ferrule was badly cracked and I wasn’t sure if it would last my busy important period I tried to use my replacement shaft but I am just not comfortable with it so decided to change back to old reliable and hope it lasted a few weeks more!

Me v Tai Volkmer (Germany) 4-1 win.  I lost my first rack of the event but that was always going to happen so wasn’t too bothered.  Tai missed a couple of chances, I didn’t play great but I managed to grind a result.

Me v Jo Schuler (Germany)  This was to see who would top the group, after beating Tai I honestly through the hard part was done, but I couldn’t have been more wrong, Jo played a great match but inexperience against a top player cost him and he wasn’t able to close out the match, as I had qualified anyway my focus wasn’t right and he deserved to win but I got away with it.

Semi Final me v Jo Schuler. 5-4 win.  Random draw we were drawn against each other again.  I had a disaster everything I touched went wrong and he played perfect to be 3-0 ahead, this wasn’t the script! I got back to 3-2 and expected to take control but he went 4-2 oops! He should have won 5-2 but missed an absolutely simple 8 in the middle pocket and a bit of panic set in from there.  I levelled at 4-4 but got a kick on my last ball I really thought that was it AGAIN, but got another chance and managed to close out the match,  Jo had a great event and will learn from that and the next time he’s in that position will handle it better.

Final: Me V Tai Schuler 5-0 win.  I played almost the perfect match I think I missed only one shot, Tai had no chance I was very happy with that performance.  So 3 titles in a row, this one was nice to win though.  RIP Ladislav.