Having promised a back to basics review after the World Championships I had Laser Eye Surgery.

I had the LASEK (the more awkward of the different operations) in January, on each eye seperately in early, mid January, I have a very dominant right eye, and this was done first. This eye took much longer to "settle to the other one which was done later.  I was getting a bit worried as while things were developing well I was running out of time as I had a major event in Belgium in mid February but was unable to practice.

Things slowly got better and I now have 20/20 vision although not quite totally healed yet, they still get tired quite easilly.  I would recommenf this procedure to anybody, if carried out by the right person, but be careful where you pick, do your research.

I would like to sincerely thank Professor Michael O'Keeffe and all his team in the Mater Private Hospital, in Dublin for his and their excellent care.