I am absolutely delighted to announce that I have secured a sponsorship deal with Club Celbidge where I will have my own Table which will allow me to prepare better for future events. 

My table is now installed in Club Celbridge as of a couple of days ago, we still have to sort out a couple of tiny teething problems but it is a beautiful table in a great club and I am really enjoying getting to know everybody there.  A huge thanks to Phil and James for making this possible and I look forward to winning more major titles for your club (but the upcoming World Championships might be a bit too much to hope fo straight away but stranger things have happened) :) !!!! But realistically it is next year I am preparing for especially the European Championships in April.  I would also again like to thank Ger Dunphy (Ger Dunphy Entertainment) for all his help in getting and seting up the table.


9th November 2008.