My first tournament in quite a while and the first that my Girlfriend Tricia has come to.

The event was my second BWPPA event having missed the last one, I was hoping to build on my winning debut in Birmingham in March.   Unfortunately things didnt go too well.


We got to the venue early and I have to say I was amazed  how good it was (except it was absolutely freezing all day)!!!!!!!

First Match Lost  7-3 to Tony Southern.  Horrible table, horrible purple cloth.  I played terrible.  That sums this match up in a nutshell.

Second match I lost 7-5 to Roy Kimberley.  This was a match played to an amazingly high standard.  I dont think either of us missed anything easy.  It was very enjoyable but I am afraid Roy just played a bit better than me.  Terrible result and as far as I can remember its the first time I have ever gone out of any event in the first round so I wasnt happy.


Beat Tony Southern 7.3.  I played a bit better than I did against him yesterday but still not great, but an important win as this one was straight knock out so another first round exit would have been a disaster.

 Beat Danny Luton 7-2.  Again I played pretty well and I think its true to say I really wanted to win this match.

Semi Final Lost 7-0 to Roy Kimberley.  A complete disaster, again I was playing on Purple Cloth which I hated, I cant seem to focus my eyes on this colour cloth for some reason.  I missed a simple chance in the first rack and had chances in the next two.  But then I got totally frustrated and it was all Roy from there he didnt miss anything easy and I missed everything.  He went on to win both events, deservedly so!