Former World Wheelchar Pool Champion Fred Dinsmore heads to the World 9 Ball Championships in Reno this weekend after a solid block of training at his new club, Club Celbridge.

Dinsmore struggled to find a club since the demise of first the Rathfarnham Club, and then of Jason's, in Ranelagh.  In recent years he had joined a few other players to hire a shed in Rathmines which really was a roof, four walls, a table and not much more.

The upturn in his fortunes came after a chance encounter with Celbridge Manager James Geraghty at the Lucan Masters a couple of months ago.  "We got chatting and I told him about the trouble I had finding a club.  James had a word with owner Phil Martin and a while later I was in." says Dinsmore.

With the help of long-time supporter, Ger Dunphy,  a new European Championship Standard table was installed in a corner of Club Celbridge.  "Ger saved me a fortune on the table and set it up perfectly". says Dinsmore.

He is feeling the benefits of regular training in a sympathetic environment, where Fergal O'Brien and TJ Dowling are also members.

"It's brilliant to be involved in a club again.  When you are practicing, you not only have company, but you are hearing balls clicking around and people walking by.  You need to get used to that kind of distraction for competitions.  In the shed, you were just seeing the four walls."

Dinsmore feels he is returning to some kind of form, although the World Championships may have come a little early, especially with standards rocketing in the sport.

He says "It has worked out a little tight for this tournament.  My main target are the Euroean Championships in April, when hopefully the full advantage of regular practice in Celbridge will come through".

 Lindie Naughton, Evening Herald.  27th November 2008.