I made the long trip to the USA for the warm up event to the World Championships.

I played very well and got down to the final stages, I was deliberately trying to play within myself in order to keep my best form for the upcoming World Championships. I was trying, but ultimately I was there to be World Champion again, this was just a warm up.  I was pleased with how I was playing but there was a bad decision by the Tournament Director, I was told I was finished for the day and went for dinner with Kurt deKlerck from Belgium, when we got back to the venue I checked results  and I was told they changed their schedule and I was playing the Quarter Final that night, there was still two matches to go before I got to play the winner, this was madness and it would have been 2 or 3am before finishing, I explained this, but they persisted for about 2 hours, when they eventually said I could go back to the Hotel and play in the morning.


I was to play either Ken Miller or Nick West, both from USA.  I didnt really care which one I was to play,  Nick West eventually won through.  He is a very attacking player who goes for rediculous shots, but he is a teriffic potter. It was close all the way, I couldnt seem to shake him off, it went to 6-6, he fluked a ball and cleared.  It was a bad ending and I thought the better player lost but that was it, he won 7-6.  I was reasonably happy with my build up to the World Championship, finishing 5th.  But I was aware I was playing well but hadnt won a major event in some time and this was starting to be a concern.

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