World Championships, Johannesburg South Africa December 2013

I hadnt played many events since the European Championships (apart from a couple of BWPPA events) this was due to bullying in the workplace which resulted in me leaving the company I worked for for the last 14 years, so it wasnt the happiest of times.

I wasnt expecting too much because of everything that happened but South Africa was a country I always wanted to visit as I have always been an Anti-Apartheid supporter. However I was made very determined to win the title when Madiba passed away the day before I left for the country he started.

Unfortunately I didnt even manage to get the see any of the country not even the Apartheid museum which is even in the same complex :-( I will be back!!!!

First Round Me v Tony Southern (GB) 7-5 win. We both played ok, but I just did enough to win.

Me v Charlie Hans (USA) 7-4 win. A pretty easy win, although I did let him back in the match which wasnt very clever!

Me v Jouni Tahti (Finland) 7-6 win. A great win against the best wheelchair player that has ever lived. This was a great win, but I did make hard work of it!!!!

Semi Final Me v Roy Kimberley 7-5 win. A good match that went back and forward, it was so important that while it was a good match, I dont think either of us played great but I had a great clearance to win the match.

Me v Jouni (Again) lost 7-3.
Unfortunately Jouni played his way back, which I knew he would!!!! He played amazing and got 4-0 ahead I did practically nothing wrong, then it went 6-1, I decided to attack, I won a couple of racks but then misjudged the bounce of the back cushion, (they had been playing really dead all week) and I didnt get the white out far enough and missed a very tricky 9, stupid as I knew the way the tables were playing all week. So I had to settle for Silver Medal, probably better than what was possible before the Championships started to be honest but I am a bit disappointed I couldnt finish it, although I have to say the best player in the World is World Champion.