World Championships Reno USA

Another attempt at winning that  elusive 4th World Title!!! I was playing amazing in practice before going and I couldnt wait to  get started. We arrived early and I was happy practicing although the tables were poor and badly installed but I still expected to do well.

Got a difficult draw which for some reason did effect me mentally which is strange as the work I have been doing with Denis was working so well.

 Me v Rautio (Canada) 9-8 I played really bad and was very very lucky to win.

Me v Aragon (USA) lost 9-5.  I was awful and with history I didnt want to lose to him, while he is a good player I have abolutely no respect for him.  I missed 4 simple balls and that was the difference Im afraid but he played solid.

Me v Luton (Great Britain) lost 9-7.  This match went on for well over 4 hours and I cant believe it wasnt put on a shot clock, the idiot director with the Mic was more interested in the sound of his own voice than doing his job.  And having the Juniors running around when their event finished shows how idiotic the organisors are. However Lutons tactics were perfect and he did it very well whereas I am an stupid for not just blasting him, as that always worked before but I let him dictate the match and he deserved to win.

The tournament was the most unpofessionally run event its ever been my misfortune to play in and if they do it next year they need to make BIG changes. 

In the final Aragon again tried to pull the same unsporting stunt he did with me two years ago even though it was clearly stated at the players meeting quite clearly no time-out during racks. He cheated AGAIN!!!! Thankfully it backfired on him as Jouni was more clever than me and just reversed it on him and Aragon was beaten at his own game. The better player won and thankfully our sport has a World Champion deserving of the title. WELL DONE JOUNI. 

As always thanks to Tricia for being with me in America x


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