After a good performance in the US Open I was very confident that I would win the World Title again

And there were some extremely good performances, notably against Brad Rautio from Canada and Chalie Hans (USA), and Taka Terada from Japan.  I then played Tankred Volkmer from Germany in the Quarter Final, this was a tough match, but I came through quite easilly.  I later played my best friend in the sport, Kurt deKlerck from Belgium.  This match caused me nightmares for a long time.  I was playing great it was nip and tuck all the way, however I opened up a lead at 10 -7, and missed a simple match ball.  I was very disappointed with this as I didnt stay, in the moment, that was a beginners mistake which I am still very annoyed about.  Kurt played well and I didnt really have a chance, he got back to 10-10. He broke in the decider but didnt pot anything, the balls were nice and potted 1 to 6 easily, landed slightly short on 7 but potted it, but landed with slightly the wrong angle on the 8, so couldnt get ideal position, I potted it well and got good position on the 9, not quite perfect, it was a bit of a cut, but it was still quite an easy pot for the match, even now as I write this I still think I hit it perfectly but it didnt drop, the tournament director was behind the shot and he said it rolled, I dont know about this and if so it was still my fault as I should have hit it a bit hard to avoid any roll but I dont know as I said, I thought it was perfect.  That was it, my World Championships were over I had to settle for 4th, this was the hardest loss I ever had to get over and it took months with loads of self doubt and questions, it really effected my confidence, so I decided to go back to basics and make some serious changes for the future.  The title was won by Henrik Larsson from Sweden who beat Kurt in the final.