After such a great season I was looking forward to trying to end the season as World Champion.  Unfortunately the build up was  disaster with funding problems and being unsure if I could compete because of Irelands ongoing problems  (Sorted by Martin Kirwan) thanks Martin.  I also had 3 flights cancelled as the airlines couldn’t guarantee carrying my chair, its an absolute disgrace.

I also hurt my neck/Shoulder getting onto the train.

My first match I lost 7-5 to Matt Duffy (Scotland GB) he played great and I couldn’t settle.

I played Kim Nygard (Norway) 7-1 win.  The butt weight came loose in my cue and I played most of the match with my break butt, it really wasn’t a good day but got through it!

me v Roy Kimberley (GB) 7-1 win.  far too early to play such a great player but I played very well and didn’t let him settle I won easily but should have won 7-0 I missed a couple of chances.

Me v Tony Southern (GB) 7-5.  I couldn’t shake Tony off I played well but the crucial differences were two easy misses from Tony.  But I didn’t miss them so nothing to do with me I was just pleased to win thus guarantee another medal.

Semi Final Me v Henrick Larsson (Sweden) 9-7 Loss.  A tough loss I was 4-0 down and did nothing wrong. Got back in the match but every time it got close he pulled away again.  The match was lost on one very bad shot and one piece of very bad luck. Henrik went on to win the title. Well played Henrik.


Overall I had a great season which is why I was very disappointed with this result. However thanks to all my sponsor, Johny Vanrijkel (BPS) and of course Tricia and Louis.