After the long flight, I eventually got there, with of course the usual problem of getting immediate delivery of my Chair.  Honestly I am amazed how lazy they can be in Airports, all it takes is for somebody to push the chair to the door, It actually saves them time to do things properly in the first place!


I had a day off when I got there and spent it relaxing, I only did a little bit of practice.  I did however attend a very controversial player meeting and draw.  They made the completely stupid decision that I was to be number 11 seed.  Considering my record I dont see how they arrived at this, but it was and is wrong.

My first match was:

Mark Jones (USA) – 9 -2 win. I played ok but didnt have to do too much in this match but it was a pretty good start.

Henrik Larsson.  9 – 4 loss.  A total disaster, I think the worst match I have ever played, I made mistake after mistake and made it very easy for Henrik, as if he is not good enough.  I fell asleep in my room before the match woke up with time but couldnt get my focus back, a bad mistake.  But I was angry as this match happened cos of their stupid seeding decisions.

Charles Interante (USA)  9-2 win.  Nothing special but easy win, didnt really want to play well as I know I had a lot of work to do now.

Bob Calderon (USA) 9-6 win.  Difficult match against a player who can be difficult to play but in fairness he was a total gentleman.  It went rack for rack until 6 – 6 then at last I was able to shake him off for the win, I played really well to close it out.

Takahiro Terada 9-2 win.  I played really well and didnt give Taka a chance, I also got the shot of the Championship in this match, I will not bother explaining it but it was an incredible fluke!!!!!  Sorry Taka. :)

Quarter Final: Henrik Larsson 11-6 win.  The exact opposite of our first match it was a much more important match as it was the knock out stage, Henrik had a nightmare and missed ball after ball and I should have won more comfortably.

Semi Final Lost 11-10 to Arron Aragon (USA).  Played well, had a lead and missed an easy 8 Ball and another couple of difficult chances.  A moment of controversy at 9-7 he took a time out in the middle of a rack with 2 balls left, just pushed out when everybody knows this is not allowed.  A conversation with the Tournament Director ensued which was pointless, he made the "American" decision, it was obviously blatant "Sharking" everybody knows that and Arron picked his time to do it.  He was warned for "Unsportsmanlike Conduct" but no foul given so he got away with it, it was one of the worst decisions I have ever seen and virtually everybody felt the same way.  Aragon however got it back to "hill hill" he fluked a snooker on the 1 and then got a masterful clearance to win.  So I had to settle for Bronze but I had done ok all things considered.

1st  Arron Aragon (USA).

2nd Charlie Hans (USA).

3rd Fred Dinsmore (Ireland).

3rd Jouni Tahti (Finland).

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